Lose someone’s trust? Take naps with them and propose a ticklefest

Okay, maybe its not so simple to regain someone’s trust. But studies show that physical touch with another person when we’re in Dreamland releases cortisol, which strengthens bonds and increases the sense of trust between two people. Tickling also strengthens bonds between two people because it activates a very primitive part of our bodies: the brain stem. The brain stem is responsible for the very basic barebones functions essential to our existence like breathing. This led scientists to beg the question, “Why in the world is laughter considered a survival necessity on the same level as breathing??” Finding that genuine, uncontrollable laughter has been linked more with being comfortable with someone than actually thinking something or someone is funny, laughter may reside in our survival mechanism house because it plays a critical role in building social bonds. And, as good old Maslow proposed, belonging is an essential need (although as far as our brain’s concerned, its tied directly to the physiological tier). In India, Laughter Yoga is “a thing” for this very reason (look up some videos too, you won’t be sorry). Shoutout to my girl Binal for the fun fact (holler if you want a direct laughter yoga hookup). Therefore, stimulating that ancient function frequently is a surefire way to strengthen the bond between you and maybe not the girl you cheated on, but the girl you forgot to call back. Girls, be wary. Guys, use your powers for good. Keep laughing, stay nappin’. Peace and love.