When it’s loud and you’re talking to someone on your phone

Try this: 

To hear them better, don’t do that thing where you cover your other ear and talk even louder into the phone. Just cover the microphone when they’re talking!  For you fellow iPhone4- users, its by the earphone jack. If you support the conspiracy that is the iPhone 5, sorry I can’t help you.

This one’s not so much of a trick as it is debunking a case of intuition gone wrong. If you’re super smart, your brain’s automatic processing exclaims I will make the person on the phone seem louder by making the rest of the room seem quieter! Except this is a sad little mental shortcut that leads you down all the wrong roads such as to illusory free food that actually just turned out to be the existence of seafood (never free). The logical, but not so efficient way, to think about this is If I stop the voices in this room from mixing with Beau’s voice when he talks, I will hear him better. Thus, covering your mouthpiece prevents the noise around you from playing back through the other end. So there you go, hopefully this saves you from hurrying to that emergency that was actually just Vitamin C (but really, where’d she go? I liked her).

P.S. If all else fails, just text them. Or Snapchat with a sad face 😦 Except the latter gives me anxiety.

Happy chattings. Peace and love.