Give Yourself 21 Days To Change

The science behind breaking a tired habit or starting a new one:

So you want to be a new person. You want to be that person that actually flosses every day or that person that knows what’s going on in Azerbaijan and all those weird countries that precede yours in the drop down list or that person that never uses the microwave to cook?! 

Well, the trick is to floss, read the news, only use the stove or better yet opt for a straight up open fire (gasp) for at least 21 days. Don’t be pickin up girls or trying out for CNN or even eating your own food before that. You might think I’m being harsh, but I’m just keepin it real and saving you from the purgatory that is your ego bursting into flames and finding consolation in mediocrity. Not this time!! Seriously, stick with it for at least 21 days and it’ll be like washing your hands after you do your business (I hope).

This is because our brains’ neurons are chaotic and go over and overlap and run all over each other like they’re driving in Asia. To form some of coherent predictable pattern, you have to be able to train new connections between these feisty little monsters, so when the it’s 8:00 neuron fires, your hand and mouth and flossing alarm neurons all go off and you think to yourself Hey look I’m flossing, that’s cool. And that takes at least 21 days of re-wiring. Or something like that. Actually there’s no one neuron for specific things like that but that’s another story for another time. In the meantime, all you gotta know is that if you forget your wallet again, just be like Sorry babe, it hasn’t been 21 days yet.