Think Faster, Get Happier

You heard me.

Next time you’re sad, speed up your whining and complaining to get happier. I mean physically speed it up.

In the same amount of time you usually take to barely lament Romeo where art thou, try getting all this in:  Romeowhereartthoutheladyprotethtoomuchmethinkswhatfoolsthesemortalsbe. Think about how miserable you are and how the world must be coming to an end, think Why me oh god why me why why why and anything else that could have possibly contributed to landing you in the pool of murky desolation you are sinking to your waist in….just do it really, really fast. 

This is based on a 2006 Harvard/Princeton study on cognitive speed and mood finding that just thinking sad thoughts faster is correlated with elevated mood. Which makes sense, right? Think about how poppin the club gets when they play Clarity and why you feel the sudden urge to jump up and down and buy that not-so-weird stranger a drink, all while Fight fear for the selfish pain it was worth it every time, if our love is tragedy why are you my remedy? sets the mood for a great girls night out or the beginning of a beautiful ‘friendship’. More importantly, think about the possible applications. Maybe next time you’re in a wallowing state of mind, you should make your own club remix of what’s really so terrible about your predicament, by reciting your personal list of miseries over this instrumental version of said Clarity song that I found.

No, really, try it. And let me know your thoughts.

Peace and love.