What to do when people hate on you for doing yoga

Give ’em some cold hard facts. Cause everybody loves facts.

Except I really have no idea who would hate on people who do yoga, its like hating on someone for being a great person. It just doesn’t make sense. Either way, I’ve dreamed up this completely unrealistic, hypothetical situation so I can share some really great news for all of us that are flexible and proud of it, or not flexible but more proud of it (even sexier).

Turns out that those glorious warrior  and non-warrior poses, where we lift our arms or open up our chest or gaze upward, are physiological triggers that generate incredible neurological changes to our self-perception. These positions do fancy things like “lower cortisol levels while boosting testosterone” which is just a dictionary.com detour way of saying that it “improves your level of comfort in high-power positions while maintaining low stress levels”. Even if you had no intention to bloom into kickass CEO material, performing these positions over time subconsciously changes you so that you do, partly because  1) our brain can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality and 2) you have no idea how awesome you really are. 

Going back to #1, we become winners because we keep on raising our arms and looking upwards and expanding our bodies. Our brains (and all other animal brains) are inherently wired to interpret this as you actually winning at something over and over again, so it thinks Wow good lookin’, let’s spruce up this palace cause you’re killin it!!  And going back to #2, I mean I don’t know actually, that’s just self-explanatory so go look in a mirror.

These conclusions are based off this study done by Amy Cuddy & friends at Harvard, who found that as little as 2 minutes of similar yoga-like positions, or “power-poses” can boost confidence so dramatically that in a blind test with randomized subjects, interviewers consistently only chose interviewees that were just told to “power-pose” for 2 minutes before their interview (versus those who didn’t “power-pose”).

So the next time in never that somebody hates on you for doing yoga, invite them to join you in warrior one. Watch them turn into a whole new person before your eyes (hopefully).