How to Keep Your Food From Rotting With Words

Simple way to keep your food from rotting…by appreciating it:

So you want to prolong the honeymoon stage when your fruits are so nice and beautiful, straddling that fine line between ripe and overripe before it crosses into the deathly hallows of “is that normal or is that mold??”

To keep your food fresher for longer, try this seemingly new-age mumbo-jumbo (but actually scientifically-proven method) of flattering your food. Here’s a quick google definition of flattering for easy reference:


Simple compliments such as “Thank you for being a great banana” and “I love the way you look in the morning” will do just fine, although you can always hit it out of the park with some really thoughtful words of admiration like “Every time I’m around you I feel like I’m becoming a better man” or “You’re not like any other apple I’ve ever met, you’re different”.

This little trick comes from Japanese researcher and author Masaru Emoto’s experiments of being nice to your rice, where he found that 30 days of directing positive thoughts to a pre-identified container of rice (for at least 30 seconds, twice a day) kept the rice fresh. This was opposed to another container of rice that he chose to verbally abuse for 30 days, which turned moldy and rotten. This experiment has been replicated by individuals everywhere with the same overwhelming results, so if you’re skeptical, why not give it a try.

Love your food, love your glutes. Peace and love.