Impatient? Look Left

So you catch yourself silently mouthing not-so-secret horrible things about the long line of people/automobiles in front you, thinking things like “If everyone doesn’t melt into lava right this instant and make way for me, I will surely and fastly erupt and it will be the death of everyone.”

Here’s a tip: don’t do that. Not because you’re not justified in your road/pedestrian rage, but it probably won’t help you get to your destination any sooner. Research shows that people often get stuck in long lines because they overlook a simple solution: looking left. Since most of the population is right-handed, most of us are actually blind to the “left alternative”, or lines and lanes to the left of us.

Try this: Next time you get stuck in a pickle, see if there isn’t a left lane/line you’re choosing not to take because it’s “less convenient.” Chances are, it’s not; its just your un-ambidextrous mind playing games on you. Take a leap of faith to your left. Don’t be this guy:


Note: This post can be ignored by 100% of the Los Angeles population on the I-405. May Elon Musk save you.