When it’s loud and you’re talking to someone on your phone

Try this:  To hear them better, don’t do that thing where you cover your other ear and talk even louder into the phone. Just cover the microphone when they’re talking!  

Are we not meant for love?

Research suggests that maybe we’re not meant for love?

Persuade someone to do something bad with you with math problems

Wanna know a scientifically-based method to get into someone’s head for pure selfish gain?

Lose someone’s trust? Take naps with them and propose a ticklefest

Learn when this works and why.

How To Eat Your Way To Iconoclasm

We are what we eat, but we’re also what we don’t.

How to Pick Out Suspicious People

Look out for these 4 things.

Next Time You Forget Your Jacket & Its Freezing

Get hot with your mind.

When You’re Frustrated at an Asian Restaurant

Use it as an opportunity to try this useful trick.

The Science of Surrounding Yourself with “Good” People

How this helps us overcome barriers we didn’t even know we had.

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